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My Test Pass intensive driving courses are available to book with or without your practical driving test included in the price. To find a course that’s right for you, read our course recommendations by clicking on the course title in the list below.

If you require any additional information on our courses please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Manual Intensive Course
With Practical Test
Deposit With Test Fee
Without Practical Test
Deposit Without Test Fee
15 Hour Driving Course£512£262£450£200
20 Hour Driving Course£662£262£600£200
25 Hour Driving Course£812£262£750£200
30 Hour Driving Course£962£262£900£200
35 Hour Driving Course£1112£362£1050£300
40 Hour Driving Course£1262£362£1200£300
45 Hour Driving Course£1367£362£1305£300
50 Hour Driving Course£1512£362£1450£300

15 Hour Driving Course

Experienced learners, who have perhaps recently failed, or are just off test standard would be most suited to this course. It should allow time to perfect a tricky manoeuvre or put some polish on junctions and reading the road. Please remember, 15 hours is far from enough training for a novice learner.

20 Hour Driving Course

With car control established, and most junctions mastered along with some manoeuvring skills, the 20 hour course allows time to practice and develop until a consistent standard – and the ability to pass a driving test is achieved.  If your previous learning has shown inconsistencies in your performance, this course can help solve that problem.

25 Hour Driving Course

You have the basics of car control, but need to develop until things become “second nature.” You can handle most basic junctions. You may have some manoeuvres left to learn and need work on more intermediate to complex junctions and road situations.

30 Hour Driving Course

Suitable for learners who have had around 10 – 20 hours of lessons, have some basic experience and want to achieve their goal without it taking months on end.

35 Hour Driving Course

Not quite a “brand new” learner, you should probably be able to identify all the main controls, move off and stop, change gears, and steer reasonably accurately. If you picked things up reasonably easily in the past, this course can accelerate you over the finishing line40 Hour Driving Course

40 Hour Driving Course

It is possible for a “quick learning” beginner to achieve a pass within this course time frame. We can spread this course “semi – intensive” over a few weeks if necessary.

45 Hour Driving Course

This is the recommended minimum number of hours for a complete beginner. Those who are new to driving stand a statistically better chance of passing, according to D.V.S.A research. A comprehensive course that includes the full syllabus. Again, this course can be also covered on a “semi – intensive” basis.

50 Hour Driving Course

This course is ideal for those who may take time to develop control and co-ordination skills such as steering and gear changing. Nervous learners, who may have to be very carefully introduced to driving and dealing with traffic, and those under pressure to pass for a job etc. will benefit from the extra hours practice. A very comprehensive course covering all aspects of driving. As normal, this course can be also covered on a “semi – intensive” basis.